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Grid is a Veteran owned company founded in August of 2020 by Luis Gonzalez. While using platforms such as FB Marketplace and OfferUp to buy and sell used items, Luis quickly realized there is a need to be able to have these items delivered. Having to deal with the hassle of setting up meet up times and locations with buyers and sellers, he decided to start a delivery service that will deliver everything you need right to your doorstep on an easy to use mobile app. Now with Grid, you can have your online Marketplace items delivered hassle-free!

At Grid we also recognize the need businesses have for critical parts and supplies. A lot of businesses, such as automotive repair shops, rely on prompt delivery of parts to be able to complete their work and be efficient. Now with Grid you no longer have to wait on distributors delivery schedule and delivery routes to get the critical parts and supplies that you need.

Grid Selected as Semi-Finalist In 8th Annual Veteran Shark Tank

Grid was selected to compete in the 8th annual Veteran Shark. We were honored to be selected as a competitor and proud to make it to the semi-finals. It was a great experience and a testament to not only the traction we are gaining as a company but also the need for a service like Grid.

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